Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fakir Family

The shajra of Fakir Khana “ khandan-e-fuqra-e-Lahore” traces origin of this family from Adam to the Holy Prophet *(P.b.u.h) and then down to ‘Hazrat Jalal-uddin Hussain Makhdoom Jahanian Jahan Ghasht’ of Uch Sharif and then down to ‘Sayyed Hussain Pir Kamal’ of Chunia and finally to ‘Fakir Sayed Ghulam Mohi-Uddin Nausha-e-Sani’ of Lahore, the real founder of the Fakir Family and ends up with Fakir Sayed Noor-uddin, his son, from whom the present family of Fakir Khana derives its decent. The great ancestor of Fakir Khana Sayyed Jalal Uddin Sher Shah Haider Surkhposh, was a resident of Bukhara hence his families carry the title Bukhari. Son of Sayyed Ali Abu -al - Mawaid Bin Ja’afer Hussaini, Sayyed Jalal Uddin was born in Bukhara in 595 A.H / 1198 A.D’’. Because of his saintly edisposition, he, along with his desciples, left Bukhara for Makkah, Madina Najf Sharif And Baghdad. Finally he reached the Punjab with his two sons.

Here, he first settled in Bhakhar in Sind and married the daughter of Sayyed Badrudin Bin Sadrud Din. When she died he married another sister of hers; Because of jealousy of some of the family members in Bhakhar probably resulting from his marriage, he left this town and settled in that part of ancient Uch Sharif now called Chenab Rasulpur formerly known as Deogarh. There he died between 1265 & 1270 A.D not in 1293 (as commonly believed) Sayyed Jalal Uddin Bukhari Surkhposh had three sons from his Sindhi wives namely Sayyed Ahmed Kabir, Sayyed Bahaud Din and Sayyed Mohammad. From his eldest son Sayyed Ahmad Kabir were two sons Hazrat Jalal Uddin Hussain Makhdoom Jahanian Jahan Ghasht and Hazrat Sadrud Din Raju Qattal. The ‘shajra’ Geological Table preserved in Fakir Khana reveals that Fakir family is a direct descendant of Makhdoom Jahanian Jahan Ghasht.


Syed Sabihuddin Naqvi said...

Good to read about Faqeer Family.
I am Honored Faqeer Family Member, Living in Peshawar

Syed Sabihuddin Bukhari Al Naqvi

Zahir said...

Dear Brothers & Sisters

As Salam Alaikum

Please do not forget that the Faqir family members are in India too.

Fee Iman Allah

F.S. Zahir Ud Din

Shaz said...

its absolutely delightful for one to come across something so intriguing and culturally rich , and later discover oneself to be a part of the family!
greetings to all my relatives across the border
hope we meet sometime Inshallah :-)
F.S.Shazuddin (Shaz)
New Delhi

Amy Alex said...

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Saiful Islam said...

I am a naqvi al bukhari in lucknow

Saiful Islam said...

I am descendent of Hz syed Ahmad kabir RA

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