Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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Shahin said...

Dear Iftikhar,
Assalam-O-Alaikom! I am really happy to read your blogg.Its very interesting. As a student of history I would like get your help in updating my knowledge about our great saints and elders. Hope you'll provide me this help.
I am also amazed to know that a word "shah" or Shaikh in the begining of your name is missing. I think its the distinction of the sayyed family. Would you please tell me how does these words dropped from your names? Shaikh doesn't means sardar not a hindu who embraced Islam because its Arabic shaikh not that of urdu. In the district of charsada, mardan and peshawar you'll see "Bacha" as a part of their name which is altenative for the word Shah.
In Our village most of the names ends at the word Shah.
I am the student of history and I would like to visit your museum some day, but not as a common tourist. Why? Because I want to know my roots in the most authentic order. I want to trace all sayyed families living in pakistan and I hope you'll provide me full help. I come from Sayyed Bokhari family of kohat. Our forefather had migrated from Bokhara centuries ago to Afghanistan and then to Orakzaid Agency, Boraka kohat and finally they settled in Village Sheikhan Kohat.
Unfortunately non of our villagers ever worked on this subject because they don't the importance and the reason is that most of our elders were not educated and poor.
We have got our own Shajra and I want to tally it with yours.
Could you please send me a copy of your Shujra-e-nasab?
Ok Brother Iftikhar, i think its enough for today. Hope you'll provide me full help.
With respect
Your brother,
Shahin Shah

Miss Tina said...

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