Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Museum Co-ordinator

"We are very keen that the sort of content we have on our Fakir Khana Museum website should be enticing and appealing and should encourage people to make regular visits."

Fakir Sayyed Iftikhar uddin
Fakir Khana Museum
Generation VI .

Fakir Khana Museum's Web site has utilized latest Internet technology to describe the astounding development of web science. Animations and interactive environments are used to explore the Fakir Khana Museum artifacts & archives.

The technology played an important role in the development of human knowledge and culture and is also used to demonstrate the role of scientific discoveries in today's society. The aim is to inform about the achievements recognized by visitors and to stimulate the interest of visitors of the Fakir Khana museum website.

I hope that you have enjoyed exploring our website and that you will visit it again soon. We welcome your feedback regarding our web pages. If you have any suggestions or ideas we would like to hear from you. Please send an email with your comments to:


I am proud to be a part of the Fakir family. its a family, which has a great historical background of great people, who played an important part in the history of Punjab. I was always fascinated by the fact that whenever my family used to sit together (and Fakir Khana being the topic of discussion ultimately) my elders could easily trace out our roots back to generations and generations...As a child I couldn't help but get amused by the fact that we had so much in our possession; pieces that were hundreds of years old, pieces that had stories to tell. Today, people do know what ‘Fakir Khana’ is but they have no idea about its magnitude i.e
“ The largest private antiques collection in South East Asia”
Majority of them have no idea what sort of relics we have in our possession, especially the relics of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) & original pieces of hand written manuscripts of The Holy Quran. Even the famous Badshahi Mosque carries relics given on loan by Fakir Sayyed Noor Uddin Bukhari (a minister in Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s court) in the year 1849. The Lahore Museum also has an entire hall dedicated to the antiquities donated by my great grand father “ Fakir Sayyed Jalal Uddin Bukhari”
My aim is to create awareness regarding our roots, our past, our history, because only then we can understand the true meaning of our present that will build the future of generations to come. Thus, here I am, with the an effort to put all the information in black and white, which up till now was just in the minds of our elders, because I want everyone to relish the beauty we have at Fakir Khana Museum and know the generations from whose hands its been passing through..

My vision is not only to digitize Fakir khana Museum but to digitize and preserve the whole cultural Heritage of Pakistan starting from my home land Lahore, which is the cultural center of Pakistan.

I believe that digitizing and making it available over the internet will not only provide source of information for the tourists and the art lovers around the world but our cultural heritage will be preserved for future generations.

I need support from the goverment of Pakistan and other agencies to make this dream come true.

I see Pakistan as one of those 13 countries who have managed to preserve their cultural heritage.


Muhammad Yaqoob said...

great blog you got here.

Faiz Muhammad Faiz said...

It is astonishing for me hearing for the first time. It is a great news for me. I wl visit the museum in my coming programme, If permitted by your good self

Faiz Muhammad Faiz said...

It is astonishing for me hearing for the first time. It is a great news for me. I wl visit the museum in my coming programme, If permitted by your good self

Rajeev Dar said...

Hazoor, You are the curators and protectors of a very valuable collection of cultural heritage. I am amazed after seeing a video the valuable artifacts. Unfortunately the person handling the artifacts seemed to be handling them rather callously. I think a better storage is necessary to ensure longevity of such a treasure.

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